Using ajax to submit HTML form without page refresh.

by Om
Posted in web_development on 2018-08-31

Here is the complete tutorial on how to use ajax to submit the HTML form without refreshing the page containing the form.

Using PHP to fetch data about trains between stations from railwayapi using curl!

by Om
Posted in web_development on 2018-08-04

Railwayapi provides all the information about trains between stations, live status, seat check and lots more here we will use PHP curl to fetch JSON responce from the API provided by the railwayapi.

Sublime Text 3 Shortcuts you must know!

by Om
Posted in programming on 2018-07-23

List of all useful Sublime Text keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts will make any programmers life easy and also these will help you save a lots of time as most of the tdious tasks can easily be done with these shortcuts.

Everything you need to know about Bug Bounty!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2018-07-21

Bug Bounties are rewards or money given by big companise to the person who finds bugs or glitches or security vulnerability in their software applications or websites...

Working with files in Python!

by Om
Posted in python on 2018-07-19

Here are different ways to read, write, append, check then append, a file in Python. Mostly using the Python open() function.

Using Python and BeautifulSoup to extract all the useful information from GitHub repositories.

by Om
Posted in python on 2018-07-17

Here we will extract the no. of stars, watch, descriptions, official url, and download links from a list of repos links using BeautifulSoup and Python. More functionality can be easily added.

Top deep learning repositories on Github!

by Om
Posted in programming on 2018-07-11

Deep Learning is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been introduced with the objective of moving Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals: Artificial Intelligence. Here's a list of top 180 deep learning Github repositories sorted by the number of stars.

Complete tutorial on making a Web App to check Live Weather conditions!

by Om
Posted in web_development on 2018-07-07

A Web App to check live weather conditions of a city. It uses Yahoo Weather API to get weather data, Geolocation API and Google Maps API to auto detect the location of the user when Auto Detect button is clicked. And has all the functionality of a Web App.

Using geolocation and Google Maps API to get detailed location information!

by Om
Posted in programming on 2018-07-06

HTML Geolocation API provides us only the latitude and longitude information, to get the full detailed information about the address here we will use Google Maps API to fetch detailed address information.

How to get geolocation or latitude and longitude information with javascript!

by Om
Posted in programming on 2018-07-05

Geolocation refers to the identification of the geographic location of a user or computing device via a variety of data collection mechanisms. Here is a simple example on how to get latitude and longitude information using javascript and HTML5 geolocation API.