Making an app/script with python to check Live Weather conditions!

by Om
Posted in python on 2018-06-26

API's are the core of all live and forcast Weather checking apps and websites. Here we will make a python script to check the live weather conditions of specified city using Yahoo Weather API and extract specified information from the json response.

Fetch json data about all the comic on XKCD.

by Om
Posted in python on 2018-06-23

XKCD provides a json file for each comic. Here is a demonstration on how to extract those data and different ways in which we can use it. You can think it as an open api.

PHP7 the game changer for web development in 2018?

by Om
Posted in web_development on 2018-06-20

Major improvements of PHP7 in performance and memory consumptions made PHP7 a game changer. PHP is by far the most widely used backend programming language till date. There were many critical vulnerabilities in past but PHP7 has made those a thing of past.

How to track products prices at Amazon for the best deals using Keepa.

by Om
Posted in news on 2018-06-12

Keepa is a powerful Amazon products price tracker. Keepa helps you get the best deals at Amazon and makes sure you don't miss any. This article will help you how to use keepa and get best deals at Amazon.

Play Google chrome dino game with python and pyautogui!

by Om
Posted in python on 2018-06-09

pyautogui is a awesome module used to do many cool stuffs such as automatically playing games, pressing keys, clicking on screen and lots more. Here we use it to play google chrome dino game.

How many programming languages are there 2018?

by Om
Posted in programming on 2018-06-02

There are only a few top programming languages used these days but those are only a few cherry on top of a huge tree. There are a vast number of programming languages which are not well known. This article will help you find mostly all of them and also link to their official websites.

Test for prime numbers using python!

by Om
Posted in programming on 2018-05-29

Here is a simple prime number tester function in python, which tests a specific number and outputs the result whether it's a prime or not. Also how to iterate over a range of numbers and test each for prime.

The 'Fizz Buzz' Coding Interview Problem in depth guide!

by Om
Posted in programming on 2018-05-26

It's one of the most widely asked coding Interview problem and has been used for many years to test the coder or programmer understanding of the basic of data structures and algorithms. This guide will help you improve your core understanding of the data structures.

A simple BMI calculator script using python3!

by Om
Posted in python on 2018-05-22

A simple python script that calculates the BMI of a person using the formula kg/m2 and categorize the person as underweight, normal and overweight.

How to get 1M share and likes on fb in 1 sec for 1 min!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2018-05-21

This wont get you real likes and shares but its just a prank which you can show to your friends and freak them out. This works only on pc or laptop using the browser inspect element feature.