Everything you need to know about Bug Bounty!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2018-07-21

Bug Bounties are rewards or money given by big companise to the person who finds bugs or glitches or security vulnerability in their software applications or websites...

How to get 1M share and likes on fb in 1 sec for 1 min!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2018-05-21

This wont get you real likes and shares but its just a prank which you can show to your friends and freak them out. This works only on pc or laptop using the browser inspect element feature.

How to get stored Chrome and IE passwords!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2017-11-23

By default Chrome and IE stores password in the hard disk we can easily use ChromePass and IEPass applications to view them all and the related information about it...

How to get Internet Cafe Wifi Password!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2017-11-19

All Internet Cafe have Wifi network but protected by Password well we can easily get the Password if the owner is lazy enough that he/she didn't changed the router default password.

How to hack Windows password!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2017-11-14

Having a physical access to a computer is all you need to gain access to all its file system without ever worrying about the password and all you need is the Kali Linux burned in a USB stick.

Getting started with Kali Linux!

by Om
Posted in hacking on 2017-11-12

Kali Linux is the favourite Operating System for hackers and security experts. It's comes packed with around 600 hacking and pentration testing applications in a organized Graphical User Interface.