10 Must read books for Python Programmers!

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Python is a high level programming language created by Guido Van Rossum which was first released in 1991. Python makes coding a lot easier by reducing lot of syntax rules and use of braces and semicolons. Python uses white spaces to indicate a code block unlike java and C++ which uses curly braces and semicolons.

Python is the most preferred programming language for many schools and universities for teaching Computer Science. Python should be the first choice for beginners who are starting out with coding because python code is highly readable as it uses most of common English words. Python is used everywhere from making scripts to making an entire web application. Instagram is entirely made with Django which is Python web framework, Reddit is again completely made with Python. It's the main scripting language used in Linux and many big applications like Blender-3D. Google too largely uses Python in their system. And the list will go on.

Here is the top 10 books you must read if you want to become an advance python programmer. Only reading these books won't help you but making notes and solving exercises will do.

1: Starting Out with Python!

This is the best and my favourite book to start with python programming. The author Tony Gaddis had done a great job and explained each and every concept with great detail and with examples. The best part of the book is the exercise section in each chapter which is really awesome and I recommend to go through each problem as it will make you think code! and it will teach you how to solve real world problems with code. View Details. Download

2: Beginning Python!

This is another greate book to start with Python as it covers all the basic details of python programming language. The author of the book is Magnus Lie Hetland and as the title suggests you go from a novice or beginner to professional if you follow all the content which requires a good amount of your concentration. View Details. Download

3: Beginning Programming with Python for Dummies!

This is again a greate book by John Paul Mueller for beginners to quickly get start with python programming. The content of the book is really awesome and the author here explained each concept with easy to understand manner with examples. View Details. Download

4: The Python Library Reference!

This is the entire Python documentation you can call it a book or reference manual whenever you stuck somewhere this book is where you will land to solve the problem. You should always keep this book under your pillow as you will require this many many times. Yes the author is Guido van Rossum. You will find everything you need to know about python. I really suggest you to read above book and after clearing your basic concepts you can go through this manual whenever you want, don't think like you will complete this book its a reference manual which will be with you forever! Download

5: The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python!

The author Kenneth Reitz and Tanya Schlusser through this book provided greate quality content and in depth detail of Python and what do we mean by Python as a whole. Here you will learn how Python 2 and Python 3 differ from each other and what you need to know about both. View Details. Download

6: Think Python!

As the title suggests here the author Allen B. Downey will introduce you to real world problems and how to solve them with clean python codes. The author also explained all the data types, classes and objects in python. View Details. Download

7: Functional Python Programming!

This book provides a greate in depth explanation of how functional programming works and the power and simplicity of functional programming by not dealing with objects and classes. View Details. Download

8: Python 3 Object-oriented Programming!

This is the book you should follow when you finish building all your foundation of python programming and ready to face some real problems of objects and classes. This book by the author Dusty Phillips will really help you to understand the basics of objects and how they works. Though I suggest you to finish reading above few books before opening this book. Understanding how classes and objects work is highly important and this book will lead your to the goal. Object Oriented Programming is how big companies organize their code because OOP lets us re-use the code more efficiently. View Details. Download

9: Expert Python Programming!

This book will help you make your coding skills more efficient and will teach you how to code clean!, by that i mean the way how we should organize and use our code more efficiently without repeating ourselves. View Details. Download

10: Python Cookbook!

This is the book you will find answers to most of your problems. The list of recipes is extremely large and you should follow these and make sure you learn how their examples works and try to make your own. The author of the book is David Beazley and Brian K. Jones. View Details. Download

Bonus: Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python!

This is for the love of algorithms. The author Rance D. Necaise here explained all the in depth details of basic algorithms and data structures using Python. When you look at the algorithms through the eyes of python they look really simple and then you can deal with any advance algorithms and start making your own well defined set of instructions that does the required task in efficient time, thats what we call an algorithm! View Details. Download

Books are your best friend, so make sure you go through all the books above and by that time you will completely understand what Python is and in more general Programming itself!

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    Abhishek Jha
    Great work... Understood a lot..
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    Starting Out with Python is my favorite on your list of recommended books. I love the book because it is based on Python version 3.x syntax. Other books that are my favorite are: Fundamentals of Python: First Programs. Python Crash Course. Aut
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      Thanks. I also enjoyed reading starting out with python.

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