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21 Jul 2018

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Weather you are a White or Gray hat hacker or interested in those fields. Bug Bounties can easily make you super rich if you have the right talent to do that.

The internet now is what no one could have imagined 10 years ago even the creators of it. The vast information on the web now has got so complicated and enormous in size that even many big companies can't secure everything by themselves.

Bug Bounties are rewards or money given by big companise to the person who finds bugs or glitches or security vulnerability in their software applications or websites.

As you may know that there is no such thing as 100% secure on the internet. Everything has flaws and security holes it just requires the right person to find it. To tackle these big problems big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, and more shed a huge amount of money for Bug Bounty rewards. See below of popular Bug Bounties reward holders.

Each companise has there own rule and policies for bug bounties. But you don't have to search each companies for their current bug bounty programme because there are sites where you can find all the companies who are providing bug bounties, and their rules.

Here are top 4

HackerOne is one of the most popular platform. So to get started you need to make an account at HackerOne and then start Hacking for a good reason.

There are a huge lists of companies rewarding users who find bugs, issues, and holes in their security. See below:

So to get started first you must have to learn many advance hacking and penetration testing techniques. Well if you got the skills then they will make you rich.

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