How to get 1M share and likes on fb in 1 sec for 1 min!

May 21, 2018views: 76

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Getting likes and shares are tough unless you have a viral content. This is just a trick and won't get you real likes and shares but its just a prank which you can show to your friends and freak them out. This works only on pc or laptop using the inspect element feature of the browser. Any browser will work but chrome is preferred.

Step: 1

Login to your facebook account from a pc or laptop.

Step: 2

Locate your post or image in which you want to increase likes and shares.

Step 3

Now right click on the numbers of share or likes indicator and choose inspect then the browser developer console window will open on right side. You can easily see the share or likes indicator inside a tag just change that value by left clicking on the value and hit enter. The page will change previous value with the new one you entered. Don't refresh your page on doing so it will change back to previous value. Take screenshot by pressing PrtScr key and share with your friends :-P

This also works on Twitter and other social media platforms and many uses it to make jokes and memes.

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