How much data facebook have about you? And how to get a copy!

March 26, 2018views: 60

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In the recent data leak of more than 50 million facebook profiles, made the company to restructure their security protocols.

Facebook is the largest Social Media Network and are reputed for their security features, but the way Cambridge Analytica a company which has gathered raw data of more than 50 million facebook profiles without any illigal means for past few years Made facebook realise how bad their security was in preventing anyone from leaking users profile data. In recent interview facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said "that they are very sorry about the incident and are working rigorously to fix its security flaws and making sure that there are no other companies like Cambridge Analytica out there who is suspiciously gathering users data". He also said that "they are working on measures to prevent such incidents again in future and also to notify the users whose data might have been missused or leaked".

Well that's good but the way facebook have managed to come so long as a monopoly in the Social Media Network this is a big flaw in their security.

Here is a way to know just how much data facebook has about you, in 4 simple steps:


Log in to you facebook profile from facebook website from a web browser.


Then select setting from the drop down button .


In the bottom you will see a option to Download your data just click on it.


Few dialog box will pop up just click on proceed and done. It will take time and they will email you with the zip file.

Well it will be a big file as it will contain all the photos, videos, messages, etc, of your account. Here how it looks like:

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Om Prakash Mahato

Full stack developer, author, founder of TechConductor.

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