How to track products prices at Amazon for the best deals using Keepa.

12 Jun 2018views: 74

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Getting products at the best price possible is the top criteria for all users who buy online from e-commerce websites or apps. Amazon is probably the biggest e-commerse website in the world.

Like all other e-commerse websites prices of products at Amazon also keeps on changing. To get a good deal or offer you may have checked Amazon regularly, but that's not a good idea as there is Keepa to help you.

Keepa tracks the price of the product you want in realtime and informs you when there is a drop in price via any of email, twitter, facebook, wep push notifications and also even rss feed depending on which you choose.

To start make an account at Then login and search for the product you want to track using the search icon on the top. After finding the product click on it. A new window will show you all the details available about the product alongwith details of past price history.

Click on the track tab and choose a price at which you want keepa to notify you.

Choose from the given options on how you want Keepa to notify you about the deal.

That's it now keep calm and relax, Keepa will email you as soon as the price drops.

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Om Prakash Mahato

Full stack developer, author, founder of TechConductor.


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